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Complete Exam vs Specific Exam

Do you see the dentist regularly even though nothing hurts, or do you see the dentist only when something is wrong?  These are the two broad categories of patients termed Regular Care Patients and Episodic Care Patients.  

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Christmas & Teeth

The Christmas season can be a challenge for teeth.  For many years, winter seemed to bring the challenges of hockey and what seemed like the inevitable broken and dislodged teeth that come from an aggressive battle.

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What Can I Do About My Canker Sores?

Only about 1 out of 10 people develops canker sores.  The real name for this condition is aphthous ulcers.  Canker sores are actually a mild auto-immune reaction. 

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But it Doesn’t Hurt

Often in the course of normal dental practice, when problems are discovered and presented to the patient, the patient’s response is, “But it doesn’t hurt.” 

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Antibiotics in Dentistry

Antibiotics are a powerful weapon in the war on harmful bacteria in all parts of medicine and dentistry is no exception. 

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Antibiotic Pre-medication for Dental Work

The experts tell us that a large dose of antibiotics significantly reduces the chance of bacterial plaques forming on a prosthetic joint or a prosthetic heart valve after bacteria is introduced into the blood supply.

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Alternative Preventive Treatments

Patients ask me about uncommon products they have obtained usually from health food outlets that claim to prevent tooth decay. They are usually asking whether these products work.

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Allergies in Dentistry

In dentistry, just as nearly everywhere else in society, allergies seem to be on the rise.  More people are allergic to items commonly in use today than in the past.  

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