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Bite Guards & Mouth Guards

At Lake of the Woods Dental Health Centre in Kenora, we can help fit you or your child with a night guard or sports guard.

Night Guards & Bite Guards | Lake of the Woods Dental Health Centre

Sports Mouth Guards

You can help protect yourself or your child's smile with a custom sports mouth guard.

We recognize that being active is part of life, which is why we offer sports guards for patients of all ages. 

A custom-fitted mouth guard can help protect your teeth and jaw when participating in sports such as hockey, lacrosse and rugby.

While many sporting stores sell sports guards, a dentist can help ensure a mouth guard fits properly over your teeth to prevent any slipping during a sports activity. 

Night Guards & Bite Guards

We normally recommend a night guard or bite guard for people who grind their teeth, called bruxism, during sleep.

A night guard can help protect your teeth, any existing dental work, and other vital structures by offering a protective barrier between your upper and lower teeth. 

Wearing an appliance at night can also help alleviate the strain on your head, neck and jaw muscles. 

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